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Points of Interest

Vsit the plaza, which is home to a 500 pound section of steel beam artifact from the 9/11 attack of the World Trade Towers.  "9/11 Resiliency Plaza" is located at 201 E. Wall Street, Benton Harbor, adjacent to the Benton Harbor Library and across the street from the Benton Harbor Public Safety Department and City Hall. 


The Morton House Museum is “The Home of Benton Harbor History.”   As part of the revitalization of Benton Harbor, you will be able to see the remarkable story of the city from its beginning until today.    

Providing unlimited access to the world...

Sarett is a community nature center located in southwestern Michigan, along the Paw Paw River valley. Our primary focus is environmental education, but we also have over 1000 acres, 8 miles of trails, a nature center building, a tree top walkway and live native animals.

Mary's City of David was nominated by the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office in 2008 and received the official Listing upon the National Register of Historic Places in America from the Department of the Interior in Washington on April 15, 2009. The Listing is for 140 acres and 81 structures as an "Historic District" and is the result of 19 years of restorations to the historic properties.

The mission of the Little Italy Historical Park Project is to preserve and promote the historical significance of Italian Americans living in Southwest Michigan.
Developing a park in an area of Benton Harbor once known as “Little Italy”, organizing events and programs, and meeting monthly will allow our members to share our heritage with and connect to our community.

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